Transparent Watercolor R. (透明水彩R) 透明水彩R

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It is a watercolor brush material distributed in the QUMARION×CLIP STUDIO PAINT making of Mr. Redjuice's writing. It is a transparent watercolor brush that can be painted while overlapping the color.

◆ Notice ◆
This material has been fixed as "type: Layer" after downloading. In addition, the material of the previous version is available without any problem.
redjuiceさん執筆の、QUMARION×CLIP STUDIO PAINTメイキング内で配布されている水彩ブラシ素材です。色を重ねながら彩色できる透明水彩用ブラシです。


Old version

Content ID:1702957

Published date : 5 years ago

Updated date : 5 years ago

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