Gasa Gaya Line Pen (ガサ伽サ線画ペン) ガサ伽サ線画ペン

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To create a Caspar with a feeling of analogue. The line which I drew with an ink brush was scanned.

* (2018/03/26 appended) bug response of this brush which occurred after Flipboard was added (I apologize that the description was delayed without noticing).

* (2017/03/13 PostScript) The tool name has been partially changed to avoid confusion.

※ (2017/01/10) I was allowed to introduce the tool of the other author like good compatibility with this tool with sample images.

* Analog picture → Tip is added at the bottom that can be used as a correction and retouch after digital transplantation. If I can be useful to unkown that will end up in touch.





Content ID:1688111

Published date : 9 months ago

Updated date : 9 months ago

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