Tea Cup set (ティーカップセット) ティーカップセット

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The 3D Object model of the tea cup saucer spoon and match it. It is a set of two (sexes) pose material pose of tea drinking.
It also comes with a single model of teaspoon.

I started making things because I wanted something of color pattern form not too sweet, but I feel like a line-drawing while messing about.

I was also wearing a pose and moveable is good, I need this... I think that the set because of great pains.

[IPad available for operation confirmed]



【 iPadで使用可 動作確認済 】

Tea cup 3D material ティーカップ3D素材

Tea drinking pose material 紅茶を飲むポーズ素材

Content ID:1691878

Published date : 4 years ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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