Freehand Drawing (フリーハンド描画) フリーハンド描画

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It is a pen that rattling like the freehand drew even if it is snap to ruler and it draws it.
You can also use it as a brush tip material to draw a line or a shape tool.
Using the same material, I made a TOS brush for ComicStudio and IllustStudio

It is a pen which can be used when I want a line like the freehand drawing though it is quicker to draw by snap to ruler like the perspective ruler.
If you register the brush shape used for this pen in presets, you can select them in brush shape to draw with a freehand-style rattling drawing line, such as a straight line tool or a shape tool.
If you draw a vector, you can select the drawing line after drawing and change the brush shape to this freehand line that you have registered in presets.
Because it becomes the drawing tool of the "Ribbon" style, it is likely to be able to make it to the line slightly depending on the angle of the drawing line, if it is noticeable, please fix it at a later stage.

Content ID:1435818

Published : 10 years ago

Last updated : 7 years ago

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