Glow & Diffusion (グロー&ディフュージョン) グロー&ディフュージョン

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

The color specification and the gradation direction of the Gradelayer of the line drawing processing were not able to do well in auto action, and, please specify it by oneself after the action execution. 線画加工のグラデレイヤーの色指定やグラデ方向はオートアクションではうまくできなかったので、アクション実行後に自分で指定して下さい。

It is a auto action for glow-diffusion.
Please use it for the layer combined image .
In addition, gaussian blur and the action of the line drawing processing are included as a bonus.
[Full processing course] performs glow, diffusion, and blur with one click.
We recommend that you customize commands to match the image resolution you create.
(Especially in the middle gaussian blur filter and the last layer opacity)

Content ID:1427550

Published : 11 years ago

Last updated : 7 years ago

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