Clip Studio Assets Moderation Policy

December 6, 2022


Clip Studio Assets is a service that provides all creators with materials that they can use in their work with peace of mind.

We ask that all users read through this policy and understand the contents therein before using the service.

For all users to use the service safely and worry-free, the intellectual rights to materials uploaded to the service must belong to the user who submits the material. For other detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the Terms of Service.

We want Clip Studio Assets to be a place where creators can gather to get materials useful for their creative endeavors. It is not a place to exhibit your work to others.

At the time of publication in December 2022, the number of tools and services that use AI image-generation technology is increasing. The intellectual property rights for materials created using AI image generation technology generally fall into two categories - materials that belong to the image generator and materials that are available for commercial use but whose intellectual property rights do not belong to the image generator.

For all users to use the service safely and with peace of mind, only materials whose intellectual rights belong to the poster may be uploaded to the service.
Therefore, we now prohibit the posting of all materials created using AI image generation technology, as they have the potential to include elements of which the intellectual property rights are ill-defined or unclear.

Note: Subject to user reporting and the service operators' discretion, materials deemed to be in violation of this policy will be delisted, regardless of when the material was posted.
Note: at the time of publication in December 2022, many of the major AI image generation services and tools allow the commercial use of images generated using their technologies. The policy set out is purely a management decision by the operators of Clip Studio Assets to make the service a safer and more reliable place for users.

About Enforcement Measures

It has come to our attention that there has been a sudden increase in prohibited materials, low-quality materials, and materials that do not align with the goals of the service.

Previously, we relied on the ASSETS community to preserve the quality of materials on ASSETS. Moving forward, we will improve our moderation efforts in the following ways.

  • Deletion of materials
  • We will apply the ASSETS rules more rigorously and remove low-quality materials and materials that go against the terms of service. The following types of materials would be removed:

    • Materials that are likely to endanger the goal of creating a safe and trustworthy service

    • Materials that are not able to be used by other creators (materials that noticeably lack versatility by other creators or appear to be uploaded for private use)

    • Materials that do not provide enough information in the thumbnails or explanatory images

  • Suspension of accounts that upload prohibited materials
  • In order to prevent the spread of inappropriate materials on ASSETS, we will more rigorously and promptly suspend accounts that post prohibited materials. Accounts subject to suspension will be those that post prohibited materials or receive multiple deletions and warnings without improvement.

  • Illegal materials and suspicious behavior
  • We will investigate accounts that appear to be operating with dishonest intent or behaving in an inappropriate way. This includes behavior such as repeatedly posting and deleting materials, or adding links to external sites.

    We ask that you use ASSETS in a way that is helpful to the community and avoid inappropriate use of the service including that not mentioned above. The actions of each person affect the entire ASSETS community, and selfish behavior can cause others to leave the service. To protect the community, we may delete materials or suspend accounts without prior warning.

  • Deletion of paid materials that violate the terms of service
  • If a paid material is removed for violating the terms of service, the points will be returned to any users who purchased that material. A notification of the material deletion will also be sent to the users who purchased or downloaded the material. Please check your point wallet to confirm that the points have been returned.

Thumbnails and Explanations

One of the primary instances of low-quality materials are those that do not have enough information in the thumbnail or explanation. The thumbnails and material explanations are essential information for other users.

You are allowed to use official Celsys materials for your thumbnails and material explanations. Feel free to use these to create easy explanations for others.

Celsys materials you can use for thumbnails/explanations

  • You can also use screen captures of the CLIP STUDIO interface.

Accepted examples

  • Using 3D characters for a pose material
  • Using 3D characters or objects to effectively show an image material such as an effect or a background
  • Using pose materials for a 3D character material
  • Using image materials for the pattern or background of a drawing made to show a brush material
  • Note: Please only use these images for thumbnails or explanations. You are not permitted to use them in the material data itself.
  • Please also refrain from using these materials if it would confuse users about the nature of your material or in unnecessary cases.


You can use fonts in your thumbnails and explanatory images based on the permissions granted by the font license.

Custom fonts can only be used in the thumbnail and explanatory images.

Understanding the Terms of Service

Please ensure that you understand and are following the Terms of Service. We have also added a step to check the “Best Practices for Posting on CLIP STUDIO ASSETS” when uploading to clarify our rules and explain some common types of materials that are not allowed on ASSETS. Please make sure to check this when posting your materials.

Appealing suspensions or deletions

If you believe that your material was wrongly deleted or your account was wrongly suspended, please contact our support desk. If the appeal is successful, your materials and account will be restored.

Unless we suspect malicious intent, we will always email users in the case of deletion or suspension. Please feel free to contact support with any questions regarding this matter.