Best Practices for Posting on CLIP STUDIO ASSETS

The Clip Studio Assets Terms of Service aim to foster a community where creators can share materials safely and reliably. In line with this goal, please keep in mind the following guidelines when using this service.

Posting Materials

Make All Materials Yourself

Do not post materials made with images or materials belonging to other people. This may result in copyright infringement.

Do not create or upload materials related to existing TV shows, cartoons, comics, anime, and so on. This may result in copyright infringement.

On ASSETS, you can only post materials that you have made completely by yourself. This means you cannot post materials containing public domain information, creative commons data, or data that is open for public use by the rights owner.

Do not post derivative materials.

On Clip Studio Assets, you cannot use copyrighted material, such as comic or game characters, in your materials, thumbnail images, or explanatory images.

Do not post materials containing photos of people’s faces, as this may infringe upon portrait rights.

You may not post images of people’s faces, including famous people, your friends, or yourself, as this may be against personal privacy laws. (Even if you have permission, posting personal information is against the terms of use and the privacy policy.)

Be aware of copyright laws when posting materials containing images of existing products, buildings, or locations.

  • Existing products
  • Existing products are often covered by design rights laws. This means that there is a risk involved in using these designs. Even if the logo isn’t used or the design is slightly changed.

  • Buildings and locations
  • Most public buildings and locations do not pose any risk in terms of rights, but distinct architecture or sightseeing spots may be classed in the same category as works of art, and therefore have design rights.

  • Photography
  • There is a risk of violating trespassing or unlawful photography laws if you upload materials of buildings on private land or public buildings that prohibit photography.

If something is permitted by law, it does not mean that it is permitted by the ASSETS terms of service.

In some cases, the use of a copyrighted work is permitted under law as a quotation of the original work. However, this is rarely the case on Assets due to the nature of materials on the service. As such, the use of any copyrighted work is not allowed on ASSETS.

This is true even if the use of the material would be permitted by law. Please do not post any copyrighted material.

Copyrights of posted materials remain with you as the creator

All the rights to materials posted on Assets are kept by the material uploader. This also means that the uploader is responsible for that material.

Please respond in good faith if there is a mistake in the material or if you are contacted by Celsys about the material.

Use simple and easy explanations

Please make sure you add explanations to your materials so that others know what will be downloaded. The material may be removed for lack of information in cases such as the following:

  • No explanation, only the automatically generated thumbnail
  • The thumbnail image is confusing
  • Lack of information in the explanation

You can use Celsys materials for your thumbnails and material explanations.

Generally, you are only permitted to use your own materials or images in the thumbnail or explanatory images for a material. However, you can also use official Celsys materials for your thumbnails and material explanations. Feel free to use these to create easy explanations for others.

Celsys materials you can use for thumbnails/explanations

  • You can also use screen captures of the CLIP STUDIO interface.

Accepted examples

  • Using 3D characters for a pose material
  • Using 3D characters or objects to effectively show an image material such as an effect or a background
  • Using pose materials for a 3D character material
  • Using image materials for the pattern or background of a drawing made to show a brush material
  • Please note that you may only use these images for thumbnails or explanations. You are not permitted to use them in the material data itself.
  • Please also refrain from using these materials if it would confuse users about the nature of your material or in unnecessary cases.

Appropriate Behavior

Be considerate of others

Refrain from discriminatory or aggressive behavior.

Assets is used by people all over the world. Please refrain from words or actions that do not respect others’ freedom of religion, political affiliation, race, beliefs, occupation, gender, or sexuality. Similarly, do not force your own beliefs, ideas, or views on others.

Use ratings where appropriate.

Please refer to the Rating Standards and add a rating to your material if it has sexual or gory content or obscene language. ASSETS is used by children as well as others who wish to filter sensitive content. Ratings help to make ASSETS a safer place for everyone.

Refrain from inappropriate behavior

Post materials for other people to use.

ASSETS is a community service used by many people. Please upload materials that you think would be useful for other creators. Do not upload materials intended only for your personal use, or for specific people.

Refrain from unlawful or suspicious behavior.

The following behavior may be considered suspicious:

  • Repeatedly uploading and deleting materials
  • Linking to external sites

Please refrain from suspicious behavior, not limited to the above examples.

Upload materials to the correct category.

Please make sure you choose the correct options and enter accurate information when uploading your material, such as which software you can use your material in. If you aren’t sure about something, leave the section empty. Also, please publish your materials via the Clip Studio application. Materials uploaded as “Other” from the browser version of Assets may be hard for other users to understand, so we may delete these materials or request that you re-upload them to the correct category.

Rule violations can damage your trust

If one material is removed for violating the service rules, other materials may also be suspected of being unsafe or in violation of the rules and deleted as such. Similarly, if a user violates multiple rules over a period of time, we may consider that such a user does not understand the terms of service and therefore suspend the account.