On the train (電車の中) 電車の中

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

It is a 3D Object that reproduces the inside of a train.
It is not designed for the purpose of using the appearance of trains.

This object reproduces the inside of one car (about 20 m) in the middle of the train. There are no leading and trailing vehicles.

315,538 vertices

There are no materials.

Each part is finely divided, and hiding it makes it less likely to get in the way from different angles.
* There are parts that are integrated so that you can work as easily as possible.

【Light source】
It is set to "apply light source". Please adjust with the sub tool detail according to your preference.
Due to the influence of light sources, there are dark places. Use the sub tool detail to change the direction of the light source, or adjust the parallel light to adjust the brightness of the area you want to use.

【Hanging leather and pole】
Since there are many straps and poles, we assigned English letters to each and divided them into groups as shown in the figure. I allocated it to make it easier to produce, so there is no problem if you skip it.

【Sway of the strap】
The strap can be selected and rotated to swing it back and forth.

【Automatic Door】
The automatic door can be easily opened and closed from the pose preset.

In the default layout, the parts are fully visible. We've created a few pattern layouts, so you can choose from layout preset as well.

The default layout is the front of the chair. We have created 5 other patterns, so please use them according to your application. You can choose from camera angle preset.

【Front of chair】

【Chair diagonal】

【Chair diagonal fukan】

【Chair diagonal aori】

【Door diagonal】

【Front of the door】

Example [No LT conversion line drawing tone]
* Created on A4 canvas and reduced.

Example [with LT conversion tone]
* AWe created with canvas and reduced.



















material マテリアル

  • default material 初期マテリアル

arrangement 配置

  • default layout 初期レイアウト
  • No right wall, right chair, right shelf net railing, right strap 右壁・右椅子・右棚網手すり・右つり革なし
  • No ceiling 天井部分なし
  • No through walls or doors 貫通壁・貫通扉なし

angle アングル

  • Front of chair 椅子正面
  • Chair diagonal 椅子斜め
  • Chair diagonal fukan 椅子斜めフカン
  • Chair diagonal Aori 椅子斜めアオリ
  • Diagonal door ドア斜め
  • Front of the door ドア正面

pose parts 可動パーツ

  • Door Right 1 ドア右1
  • Door Right 2 ドア右2
  • Door Right 3 ドア右3
  • Door Right 4 ドア右4
  • Door Right 5 ドア右5
  • Door Right 6 ドア右6
  • Door Right 7 ドア右7
  • Door Right 8 ドア右8
  • Door Left 1 ドア左1
  • Door Left 2 ドア左2
  • Door Left 3 ドア左3
  • Door Left 4 ドア左4
  • Door Left 5 ドア左5
  • Door Left 6 ドア左6
  • Door Left 7 ドア左7
  • Door Left 8 ドア左8
  • After the through door 貫通扉後
  • In front of the through door 貫通扉前

Content ID:2096980

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