My 3D room 301. (俺の3D小部屋301号室) 俺の3D小部屋301号室

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This material can be used on Windows and Mac (Intel) systems.

It's a 3D room.
Did you make a lot of stuff?

I think it's better to make a simple version that cut small items.

Oh, when I introduce the material, I want to see the inside of the box, please turn off the wall and the ceiling.



Content ID:1604416

Published date : 6 years ago

Updated date : 5 years ago

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最近は忙しくてあまり時間取れないんですが、ちょっとずつ作っていきたいなあ… しかし、人間以外のキャラはモデラーでセットアップするのは現状きついっす… あと外国の人はver1.6以前の古い素材は使えないようなのでご注意を! As foreigners seem to be unable to use older materials before ver1.6, be careful!