Colored Brush 3 (色塗りブラシ3) 色塗りブラシ3

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You can use this material catalog with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2 and newer. ( Download Clip Studio Paint Ver.2 )

It is a set of brushes that can be mixed with colors with little habit and a pen that was made during adjustment.
The pen doesn't mix colors much, but it's good for placing colors, writing details, and drawing highlights.

Brushes can be mixed by drawing with light pen pressure.

Drawing example:



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2024/6/14 Due to the price update, the [Limited Time Price] part in the title has been removed. 2024/6/14

Content ID:2090884

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素敵な素材にいつもお世話になっております。自分用に作成したものをシェアしていく予定です。いいね・CP・宣伝ありがとうございます!大変励みになります。 Thank you for the wonderful materials! They always help me a lot. I also share the materials which I made for myself. Really appreciate the LIKE and Clippy!:) 日本語/中文/Easy English OK