Angel Circle Highlight Brush Set (天使の輪ハイライトブラシセット) 天使の輪ハイライトブラシセット

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【About the material】
It is a set of stamp brushes that allow you to easily draw angel rings (highlights), and obi and erasers that allow you to freely draw angel circles by yourself.
Drawing a circle of angels on your head will give your hair a shiny shine. The obi brush can be used on any part of the hair as a highlight for a more shiny finish.
With this brush set, you will be able to express your hair attractively!

【Recorded material】
Total Type Recording

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計 種類収録


【 Ribbon 】Brush that can draw light in a strip shape

【 Eraser 】 An eraser that can erase bands of light along the flow of hair

【 Stamp 】 Stamp brush that can draw highlights in an instant

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【 リボン 】帯状に光を描けるブラシ

【 消しゴム 】 光の帯を髪の流れに沿って消せる消しゴム

【 スタンプ 】 ハイライトを一瞬で描けるスタンプブラシ


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Content ID:2090873

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