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"Magical Brushes"

Decorative magical brushes for background, clothing, etc. 【free for a limited time

•This pack includes 16 colored brushes and 8 brushes with changeable colors. 

overall 24 brushes for clip studio paint.

•Create a magical and special atmosphere in a short time

•5 brushes with changeable colors:

•Please note that these brushes are tend to be used to create covers and such, so they are a bit large and heavy, so be Patience while using them.

•works the best with darker backgrounds.

Follow us for new brushes and accessories! (*´∀`*)

New awesome materials coming soon! (▀U ▀-͠)

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Content ID:2090761

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Hello (*≧∀≦*) we create Brushes and Accessories for Comics, manga, illustrations, etc.