Fence (1.8m) (フェンス(1.8m)) フェンス(1.8m)

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

This is a 3D model of a fence. フェンスの3Dモデルです。


Magnification, LT conversion

Wire mesh does not convert LT well where the resolution is low.
If you overlap the one converted to LT without the wire mesh and the one with only the wire mesh layer property and display decrease color tone, it will look good.

If you want to extend it, read another one, align it, and make the overlapping pillar the main pillar.
The distance between the pillars is 2 m. Move the X axis 1200 in the arrangement to align it.

If you want to connect at a right angle, rotate the Y axis 90° in the arrangement and move the position of the X axis by the length of the fence so that the connecting pillars overlap perfectly.






Material マテリアル

  • default material 初期マテリアル

Place 配置

  • 12m 12m
  • No wire mesh 金網無し
  • Wire mesh only 金網のみ
  • 10m 10m
  • 8m 8m
  • 6m 6m
  • 4m 4m
  • 2m 2m

Content ID:2085344

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