Your Hands (キミの手) キミの手

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I posted it because I thought that by touching the other person with an inspiration from "Putting a hand on your face", you can express a wide range of relationships with each other! !! 『顔に手を置く』からひらめき『キミの手』相手に触れることで、お互いの関係性に対して幅広い表現ができればと思い投稿しました!!

Thank you very much for sending us many downloads, hearts, and gifts, including past posts from "Hands on Your Face" and "Hand with a Sword"!!
I hope to help many people, and I am sincerely grateful!

This troublesome for myself (series?) Titled "Your Hands," I drew a hand that touches a part of the body somewhere. How effortless! In a short time! Can you express your favorite CP? I drew various patterns. I hope it will lead to your wonderful recommended CP and expression in various situations, and I hope it will be useful to someone!

2024/05/17 Thank you for sending us so many downloads, hearts and gifts!! From today, we will charge for UP to 10CP. We will use it as an encouragement for future activities. Thank you!



2024/05/17 たくさんのダウンロード、ハート、ギフトを送っていただきありがとうございました!!本日より、10CPにUP有償とさせて頂きます。今後の活動の励みにさせていただきます。宜しくお願い致します!

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