Backlit layer set for anyone (誰でも逆光加工レイヤーセット) 誰でも逆光加工レイヤーセット

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It is a layer set that can be backlit just by applying a mask. マスクを塗るだけで逆光加工が出来るレイヤーセットです。

・ Prepare the illustration you want to process→ take out the processing layer folder from the material folder→ clip the person layer→ you can easily backlight it by painting the layer mask part of the [Highlight] layer.

・ When you show layer the enclosed [bluish shadow] [yellowish shadow]
The overall color can be changed.

・ You can adjust the lighting condition by adjusting the density of each processing layer according to the illustration.



Content ID:2075508

Published : 21 days ago

Last updated : 17 days ago

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