Single White Flower Brush (一輪の白い花ブラシ) 一輪の白い花ブラシ

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【About the material】
It is an imaginary flower brush. Since you can draw one wheel at a time, it is a brush that is easy to control.
Perfect for bouquets, flower gardens, decorations, etc.
It's hard to draw one by one, so I also included a brush that I put on for the flower garden at once.
Both change size slightly depending on pen pressure.
The unicycle brush uses strong pressure correction to prevent the shape of the flower from being distorted, but be careful because the tip tends to distort at high speeds.

【Recorded material】
■Unicycle × 11 / Parallel × 11 / Total 22 types

Information on materials is being posted on Twitter!

■一輪 × 11 / 並列 × 11 / 計 22 種類収録


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Content ID:2064845

Published : 18 days ago

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デザイナー兼イラストレーター。 雑貨やパッケージをなどをよく作ります。 ヒサとヨミというゲームを制作中です! 名前がよく被るので最近よくniseo表記を使うことも、お好きに及びください。

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