Stage with a large roof (大きな屋根のある舞台) 大きな屋根のある舞台

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

▪ It will be a model for a stage with a roof of the main house.

▪ It can be used from the following layout preset.
 ・ Stage / Stage 2 (Nothing Good)
 ・No front, no left oblique, no right oblique



▪ Introduction to panoramic and layout presets
・ Stage / Stage 2 (Nothing Good)

・No front / No left oblique / No right oblique

▪Comparison with 3D drawing figure

▪ Specification description of soot
↑ Front / ↓ Back
・ ↑ Expression when looking inside from the outside. ↓ Expression when looking out from the inside.
・ I set the soot so that no lines appear because you can see the outside as much as you see it from the inside. Please add a little and use it.

・Examples of the use of frontless

・Examples of the use of oblique nothingness

▪ Introduction "Hanging lantern" (sold separately)








Material マテリアル

  • default material 初期マテリアル

Place 配置

  • Stage 舞台
  • Stage 2 (None on the top) 舞台2(上物無)
  • Front: None 正面無
  • No left oblique 左斜め無
  • No right oblique 右斜め無

Content ID:2064384

Published : 20 days ago

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