Sunlight Effect Material Set (木漏れ日エフェクト素材セット) 木漏れ日エフェクト素材セット

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It is a set of materials that can add the feeling of soft light of sunlight through the trees to the illustration.

■ Number of materials: 12
image material 9 points / Brush material 3 points

■ Color can be changed◎
For image material, clip the fill layer or use layer color effects to change the color.

(1) Create a shadow layer (multiplication) on top of the original picture layer,
(2) I drew the layer mask part of the shadow layer using a transparent color.

It is a type of brush material with a shady silhouette looping.

In the sample image shown below, after drawing with a brush, gaussian blur is applied, and then overlay layers are layered from the top to adjust the color of a part of the shade of the tree.

It is a image material that can be used like a shadow of a window lattice/blind.
Please adjust it with a gaussian blur etc. ◎

This image material has a seamless pattern, so it is necessary to prepare a shadow layer etc. in which only the window part is cut out in advance.


■ 収録素材数:12

■ 色変更可◎






Silhouette material with sunlight and shade through the trees 木漏れ日・木陰シルエット素材

Window lattice-style simple image material 窓格子風シンプル画像素材

Content ID:2063745

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