A gate-style ornament that looks great (見映えしそうな門風飾り) 見映えしそうな門風飾り

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It is a gate-style decoration that looks great if you put it on the back of a standing picture.
It is a black line on a white background, so please use it by painting it with color.
↑ The bottom is in a truncated state. Will it be placed at the bottom of the campus?
Please duplicate it, flip vertical it, connect it to make it look like a vertical frame, etc.

Content ID:2048670

Published : 2 months ago

Last updated : 2 months ago

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自分で使おうとした素材類ばかり 支部の方には枠メインで最初から色付きなどを置いてます。(支部現在更新休止中) BOOTHに色分け用レイヤー付高解像度版などがあります。 じわじわ増えます。 ★いいね・ギフト本当にありがとうございます!★