A brush that grows a anime-like CLIP STUDIO (アニメ塗りっぽいクリスタルを生やすブラシ) アニメ塗りっぽいクリスタルを生やすブラシ

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【About the material】
It is a brush that grows CLIP STUDIO in the style of anime paint. Since it supports pen pressure, you can change the size with pen pressure.
It is a fan-shaped CLIP STUDIO brush, so when you draw a line, you can draw it as if it were growing CLIP STUDIO.
Since it is not transparent, even if you draw it on top of each other, the picture below will not show through.
It also comes with a brush that changes color depending on the drawing color, so I think you can use it for monochrome comics and the like!

【Recorded material】
■Precolored brushes × 9 ■Drawing color brushes × 3
12 types in total

Information on materials is being posted on Twitter!

■彩色済みブラシ × 9 ■描画色ブラシ × 3
計 12 種類収録




This is a highly transparent type of CLIP STUDIO brush!
This is also recommended for illustrations with a slightly realistic paint!




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Content ID:2032330

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