3D Fan Set (3D団扇セット) 3D団扇セット

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

This is a set of 3D fans and fans.

It is a folk art style fan and a group fan that can be used as an interior that makes you feel cool in summer.
From the layout preset, it is possible to switch to display only the group fan or only the group fan.

There are three colors: dark brown, light brown, and white.
You can choose from material preset.

Below, LT conversion is performed with the default dark brown color.

It is a set that can be used in a room or summer festival, or placed as an interior of a Japanese-style room.
Since the fan is plain, it is easy to attach image material, etc., and free design is possible.
Please take advantage of it.
(The Japanese pattern image used in the figure below uses clip studio official material.) )

Material prices are subject to change without notice. Please note.






Material マテリアル

  • darkbrown darkbrown
  • lightbrown lightbrown
  • white white

disposition 配置

  • full full
  • Uchiwa uchiwa
  • uchiwatate uchiwatate

Content ID:2032206

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