Rag making brush (ボロ布作成ブラシ) ボロ布作成ブラシ

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【About the material】
By erasing the edges of the drawn cloth, it is an eraser that can suddenly be ragged!
There are edge erasers with different fraying degrees and hole punch erasers that can drill holes.
By using them in combination, you can make them even more battered and shabby!
From Cinderella to veteran warriors and ghosts!
Don't let me tell you it's new anymore! It is such an eraser.

【Recorded material】
■ Edge eraser × 3 ■ Hole eraser × 2 5 types in total

Information on materials is being posted on Twitter, and Twitter-exclusive materials may be distributed!

■縁消しゴム×3 ■穴あき消しゴム×2 計 5 種類収録


image material 画像素材

Brush ブラシ

Update history

2023/11/48 I made a mistake and register image as material the tip instead of a brush, so I added brush material and uploaded it. The one in the brush category will be the eraser brush material, please download it again and use it! 2023/11/48

Content ID:2031901

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