Flash Ribbon Brush Ver2 (ひらめくリボンブラシVer2) ひらめくリボンブラシVer2

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[About material]
Flash by direction of line is a ribbon brush. When you want to draw a ribbon lightly, please.
Both the main color of the drawing color and the sub color are affected, so you can draw with the color you like.

[Material included]
■ Size: constant/pressure change
■ Pattern: plain/striped/striped/thick
Total 14 types included

[Twitter] https://twitter.com/niseo
Information such as material is being sent on Twitter, please try to check by all means to distribute the limited material followers!

■サイズ:一定 / 筆圧変化
■柄:無地 / 縞細 / 縞中 / 縞太
計 14 種類収録


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Content ID:1989315

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