3D Window Blind (3Color) Blind (3D 창문 블라인드(3Color) Blind) 3D 창문 블라인드(3Color) Blind

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Configurable blinds on the wall. 2 folds/unfolds can be changed, 3 colors are white/brown/black. 벽에 구성할 수 있는 블라인드입니다. 접힘/펼침 2가지 변경 가능, 컬러는 화이트/브라운/블랙 3종입니다.

Material Material

  • White White
  • Brown Brown
  • Black Black

Allocate Allocate

  • Blind-Stretch Blind-Stretch
  • Blind-Fold Blind-Fold

Content ID:1925308

Published date : 5 months ago

Updated date : 5 months ago

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