School Desk (学校の机) 学校の机

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It is a desk of the school for the 3DLT of the CLIP STUDIO PAINT made from the practice. I plan to have the line come out neatly with a low polygon, and devise it so that noise does not come out. The chair runs in three patterns. 練習で作ったCLIP STUDIO PAINTの3DLT用の学校の机です。ローポリゴンで線が綺麗に出て、ノイズが出ないように工夫したつもりです。椅子が3パターンで稼働します。

pose parts 可動パーツ

  • Catch a chair 椅子をひく
  • Rotate a Chair 椅子を回転させてひく
  • They put a chair 椅子を乗せる

Content ID:1537119

Published date : 7 years ago

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