Disturbing trees (不穏な木) 不穏な木

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It is a brush material of the tree of the leaf wrinkled in withering. I made a reference to the photograph that I took by myself.

It was originally made as a normal plant material, but it was noticed that the plant which was referring to after completion was a little sick (late), and it became shelved.

But today (2021/10/31) is Halloween, you can use a picture of a disturbing atmosphere...? And re-decided to be published.
When I draw a forest of the dark atmosphere, I think whether I can use it in foreground. Please feel free to try it.

It is recommended to draw it with the feeling of ponpon pushing while it is conscious of the blank.




Disturbing tree brushes 不穏な木 ブラシ

Content ID:1876307

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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