【 Roughly 】 simple wooden material collection (【ざっくり】シンプルに木 素材集) 【ざっくり】シンプルに木 素材集

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Our free material, which is now open to the public, is a raw material that is re-edited in a rough, "tree material collection simply".

Compared to the existing material, it is a terribly rough touch.
The person who did not suit the touch of the material to his/her work, the person who wants to put plants suitably by the name, etc., please try by all means because it is free material.

In addition, the existing material from next week [roughly] will be published and sold, so it is willing to sell, who will be interested to follow this account, so we will inform you by author Twitter, please refer to.

Finally, it is a messed-up roughly specification is so insistent, if you like the touch of the existing material please take care.

I hope you will help to make your work.
現在公開中の当方の無料素材「シンプルに木 素材集」を、思い切りラフに再編集し直した素材です。





【 Roughly 】 Simple brush 【ざっくり】シンプルブラシ

Content ID:1874301

Published date : 1 month ago

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某少女誌でお世話になりつつ、漫画を描いています。 自分用に作った少女漫画的な素材を公開しています。 購入/取得してくださった方、またいいねやギフトなど、感謝致します…! 皆さんの作品に活用して頂けること、私も嬉しく思います。 何か不備などありましたらご連絡ください。