Harigane G-pen roughness + (ハリガネGペンざらつき+) ハリガネGペンざらつき+

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■ 'VE updated!
I made a new adjustment because the settings of pen pressure of the last Pen tab had been made crazy.
Moreover, there is a little addition with Zara.
The strength attaches to the degree that it becomes thick when I put power though it is a crisp draw taste. You can also put a thin line.
I made it for 600dpi, but can draw it in 350dpi.

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Content ID:1873802

Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago

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素材の自作はほとんどしませんが、した時はアップできればと思います。 カリカリの描き味が好みです。