A decorative cord _ rib Clothes (飾り紐_肋骨服) 飾り紐_肋骨服

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I'd like to have my superiors wear rib clothes.
But it's an ornament, a button, a string that I don't even know the name. My head is tangled just looking, I do not feel like a draw!

...... It is a 3D model that I made in order to unravel the sorrow of first drawing first.

The string is actually tied, and how to follow the string is reproduced in 3D.
On top of that, I put a curve to fit the chest of the person of the average figure body.

Hasty believing to hastily.
Do not think it difficult, dueling, please put your ribs in your superiors.

※ We made the production with the assumption of the Buddha ball conclusion, there is no guarantee that the same knot as the actual rib clothes. Please think about the accuracy of the atmosphere.
※ When I use it at an angle to hide it with cloth, please hide it with a good thing in a mask etc.
※ The sleeve pattern is different in the class...... I pray for your consideration.





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Content ID:1873778

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原稿は北伐、描けども終わらぬ戦なり。 時に追われ、身を削り、進まぬ食を底上げ碗で誤魔化して、箸の代わりに筆を持つ。 情熱に殉じ倒れては元も子もないが、性分ゆえに止められない。 なればこそ愚直な志には、知恵という伴侶が必要です。 「10万本の矢を10日で作ってくれないか?」 「3日で用意してご覧に入れましょう(素材で)」 ……大義と小義を混同してはいけません。 何しろ我々が戦ってるのは10万の大軍に匹敵する原稿、その先に待つさらなる白紙原稿なのですから。 ここに私の策(素材)を託します。 共に生き残りましょう。