Tentacle texture Brush Set ver. 2 (触手質感ブラシセットver.2) 触手質感ブラシセットver.2

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.5. ( Download the latest version here )

It is a set of gradient map of extra brush and bonus that the texture of the tentacle can be easily put out.
Can be used besides the tentacle.
Brushes can be used in both color and monochrome.

Brush ブラシ

gradient map グラデーションマップ

Update history

Tentacle texture C ・ tentacle texture D (2021/04/03) Gradient map Five species added, the name changed from tentacle color set to tentacle gradation, thumbnail change (2021/04/04) Tentacle texture E ・ tentacle pattern A ・ tentacle pattern B ・ tentacle pattern A stretched ・ tentacle pattern B Add a stretch, description ・ renewal of Use example (2021/08/01) 触手質感C・触手質感Dを追加(2021/04/03)
触手質感E・触手模様A・触手模様B ・触手模様Aのばし・触手模様Bのばしを追加、解説・使用例をリニューアル(2021/08/01)

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Content ID:1856428

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