Watercolor Colored Pencils (水彩色鉛筆) 水彩色鉛筆

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A set of textured colored pencils and blur brushes. ざらつきのある色鉛筆とぼかし筆のセットです。

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Update history

2021/05/04 Part 1 Because I had specified a material that is not a default for the texture, I modified it and re-published it. I'm sorry if you DL the previous version. 2021/05/04 Part 2 Because the use of the material CLIP STUDIO PAINT was a violation of the terms, I changed it to a self-made texture. 2021/05/04 その1

2021/05/04 その2
CLIP STUDIO PAINT収録素材の使用が規約違反だったため、自作テクスチャに変更しました。

Content ID:1837864

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago

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