Simple wood Material Collection 2 distant view (シンプルに木 素材集2 遠景) シンプルに木 素材集2 遠景

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Since most of the plant-based materials that have been published so far were for foreground to draw, I made a material that can be used in the distant distance.
In addition, I have created a simple, easy-to-use material in the concept that can be used in the background in a little scene, and not interfere with the person.

Two parts are drawn randomly. I think that it becomes like sample images when I draw with consideration of the margin by the feeling of ponpon pushing.
Because of the material that there is groundwork, when I put a tone, it is easy to create a selection from layer after drawing.


Simple trees distant background brush シンプルに木 遠景 ブラシ

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Content ID:1834821

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