Random Retro Chip Brush set (ランダムレトロチップブラシセット) ランダムレトロチップブラシセット

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.5. ( Download the latest version here )

Retro Feeling (?) It is a set of brushes that should be able to produce easily.
I wanted such a brush but I made it for myself because I did not see it in a free material. I made it for the first time and there are many rough places, but I am glad when I use it shut eyes!
I will also add often or make a collection of materials.
I hope that you will support your creative work.

* Material may be transferred to a paid material without notice. Please note that we do not plan to move to any material for any fee at the moment.

Below is a sample image!

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Content ID:1831560

Published date : 7 months ago

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基本的に自分用に作った素材をちまちまアップロードしていきます。 DLやギフト、ありがとうございます!☺️ スタンプブラシによっては偏りがひどいものもあります。 ご自身で調整して使ってください。 ※何かご連絡がありましたらTwitterの(@95r5i)のDMまでお願いします。