Some kind of wood material vol. 2 (何らかの木 素材集2) 何らかの木 素材集2

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It will be the second of "some wooden material collection" which was previously released.
(※ It becomes only the brush material unlike the first step. Please note)

Based on the pictures I took, I aimed for a simple wood brush material with no quirks as possible.
The three large parts made with a combination of four small parts are put on the brush.
Thank you so much to see in the work of those who would have made the DL, I might want a little more pattern... I was produced and thought.
以前公開しました「何らかの木 素材集」の第2弾になります。


Some tree two 何らかの木2

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The price was revised on 9 November 2022. We toll at the period undecided. 2022年11月9日、価格改定。

Content ID:1801910

Published date : 2 years ago

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