Texture collection for seamless photographic materials processing (シームレス写真素材 加工用テクスチャ集) シームレス写真素材 加工用テクスチャ集

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It is a texture collection for seamless processing made from a photograph taken by oneself.
It is the one made for the purpose of use as a adjustment layer (processing filter) on the drawing illustration (even the photograph is possible).
I hope you can change the layer mode and color in your preference.
Although the joint is a little distorted while saying seamless, there is a limit in photo processing. Please understand it beforehand.

As an aside, paid material can now be purchased in GOLD. I hope you'll use it if you prefer.


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Content ID:1796181

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審神者やってます 素材は一定期間後有料になる場合がございますので予めご了承ください