Toy camera Wind Effect & gradation (トイカメラ風効果&グラデーション) トイカメラ風効果&グラデーション

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auto action オートアクション

gradient map グラデーションマップ

Update history

▼ 2020.08.10 ■ Material name changed ■ "Toy camera Wind (effect)" auto action updated  -Selection changes to the method to be executed after the specification  Fixed the problem that the folder created was not going to work again after running auto action.  Change the process of creating a noise effect. ■ "Toy camera style (tonal correction)" changed the name  "Iron Blue" → "Yellow green"  "Dawn Pink" → "Pink green" ■ Material "tonal correction (for monochrome)" is integrated here, the material name "Toy camera style slight (tonal correction)" changed to ■ Material added  Toy camera Wind (effect)... "Noise" * 6 types  Toy camera style (tonal correction)... New color pink blue and peach blue  Toy camera style (tonal correction), toy camera style slight (tonal correction) gradient map version ▼2020.08.10

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Content ID:1782021

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