Frame Brush Set (フレームブラシセット) フレームブラシセット

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It is a set of seven kinds of frame brush made with hand-painted color illustrations

☆ 2019/12/30 added a brush two kinds of reference image top ☆

I want to make it free of charge until the New Year (January 15) ☆ Please use it (>)
* (Please check it occasionally because the series is going to increase the material)

Color Creation Color Sketch Orientation

Suitable for drawing with figure ruler

It is interesting to change the brush size and to overlap.

Enjoy and use ~

☆2019/12/30 参考画像トップのブラシ2種を追加いたしました☆


カラー作成  カラー画稿向き




Category 1 カテゴリ1

Update history

Two types of F (frame) Ribbon brushes have been added (2019/12/30) F(フレーム)リボンブラシ2種を追加いたしました(2019/12/30)

Content ID:1759627

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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