Yozora of the Hay (よぞらのほし) よぞらのほし

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It is a set of six brushes to draw the night sky crispy.
Large, medium, small three types of stars
Meteor Brushes
Moon (5 patterns, such as full moons and Crescent)
Clouds in the night sky (not very suitable for clouds of daytime, I make it from a photograph of clouds which floated in front of my house. Please use it in a dark color rather than a white)
Because there is time when I draw the night sky in the cartoon, I thought that the thing that the moon, the meteor, and the night cloud set are not so much seen and made.

It is a color correspondence, but it is the feeling that a cartoon is suitable because it is a single color because it is a monochromatic month instead of two values.


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Content ID:1757127

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審神者やってます 素材は一定期間後有料になる場合がございますので予めご了承ください