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This is a pixel art brush set with multiple styles of dithering brushes. Dithering is a technique used for making gradients using a minimal colour palette and involves a series of dots (or squares) - the pixels - organized in patterns to suggest density. The brushes were inspired by NEC-PC-98 and FM-Towns games for PC such as YU-NO. The artwork displayed is my own, where I used some of these brushes to make the sky gradient. The brushes were made by pixelglade (previously named Tarren Stroud).

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(Below) Here is an example of the types of dithering gradient that can be made using these brushes (top), using some example artwork of mine (bottom). Please excuse some distortion at the top as I incorrectly resized it. The brushes are at 1pixel precision. Scroll down for some tips on using these brushes.

First, how are the brushes made?

(Above) These brushes were made by uploading a texture of the pattern.

(Above) Each brush has a preview image instead of the pen icon. This is to make it easy to see which brush you have selected. You can see this again in the image below:

(Above) This is a image preview for the 50 percent 50/50 dither pattern.

(Above) The reverse density button is important if you want to flip the texture to the inverse.

(Above) The default circle brush is used for many brushes, but some use squares (below). Feel free to change it as you like. It is somewhat arbitrary.

A recommended way of organising these brushes is like so:

(Above) To create a gradient, you can make a layer mask and use a parallel linear ruler to keep the pattern aligned. Turning off pen pressure can help as well if you want a specific size gradient.

(Above) If you want to keep the brush strokes horizontal or vertical, the Ruler functions help a lot.

If you think the names of the brushes are a bit strange, feel free to re-name them.

I hope this helps you make pixel art!


Content ID:1751628

Published : 4 years ago

Last updated : 1 year ago

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I am an illustrator, pixel artist, and graphic designer. Check out my website or Twitter if you want to keep up to date with my projects!