Tower 3D Material (鉄塔3D素材) 鉄塔3D素材

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You can use this material with Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.8.0 and newer. ( Download the latest version here )

This is 3D material of transmission line and steel tower.
It might be a little different from the actual thing just making it seem. Because the small part does not crowded making, I think whether it is good to use it in the inside and the distant distance.

Material マテリアル

  • default material 初期マテリアル

Configuration. 配置

  • default layout 初期レイアウト

Content ID:1736764

Published date : 2 years ago

Updated date : 2 years ago

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ペンネーム 長沢13センチでやってましたが 、今は別の名前で漫画を描いてます。たまに素材作ってあげてますので宜しくお願い致します!