Battlefield Dust Brush/Battlefield Dusts Brush (戦場塵ブラシ / Battlefield Dusts Brush) 戦場塵ブラシ / Battlefield Dusts Brush

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I received a request for a message too apologetic happy, we will republish.

* There is no change in the tool settings. If you already have it, please continue to use it, because there is no need for re-acquisition. Thank you for your kind.


Content ID:1687371

Published date : 5 years ago

Updated date : 5 years ago

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「よし絵を描こう」「描くってどこから?ブラシから?」‘ll let you fly to the moon. (日本語/English) // Booth ( )、Fanbox ( ) でも配布をはじめました (◉ㅅ◉)ฅ