Color Ink Wind Brush (カラーインク風ブラシ) カラーインク風ブラシ

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It is a brush aimed at the feeling that I painted rough with a lot of water color ink. 水多めのカラーインクでラフに塗った感じを目指したブラシです。

It is a brush aimed at the feeling that I painted rough with color ink.
As the stroke mark does not remain too much as painted with a lot of color ink of water, the stroke which attached a little tint remains. Also paper applications can hold, so that the pressure-sensitive times the application of the paper is weakened... I tried to set the hit as a focus.
The combine mode of the brush is "comparison" .
As with other combine mode settings, the overlapping portion of the split strokes does not thicken, so strokes that are drawn with the same pressure will obscure the stroke marks as if they were filled with a stroke.
Drawn at stroke density only when the stroke density (opacity) is darker than the drawn portion drawn earlier. The concentration is pressure-sensitive.
This brush does not allow you to mix and stretch colors or to overlap other colors on the same layer.
If you want to repeat the drawing, you can draw to another layer, and if you use the combine mode of the layer as "multiplication", you will be able to reproduce the feeling of color ink or watercolor paint.
In some cases, it might be a good idea to turn on "border of watercolor" in sub tool settings.
When you register a brush sub tool, you can read "Cut Sandy 2" of paper texture material registered in the material to the canvas and use it as a "image material layer" texture combine. Adjust the size accordingly.

Content ID:1400527

Published : 10 years ago

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