Explosion Balloon Ti 04 (爆発フキダシ04) 爆発フキダシ04

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I thought that it was quite difficult to make a shape with curved curve curves, so I would like to use my own. Because I am creating from a ruler, I can wear a beard by the scale of ignoring aspect ratio O K. ス​プ​ラ​イ​ン​曲​線​で​と​が​っ​た​形​状​を​作​る​の​が​な​か​な​か​難​し​い​と​思​っ​た​の​で​、​自​作​し​た​フ​キ​ダ​シ​で​す​が​使​っ​て​い​た​だ​け​た​ら​と​思​い​ま​す​。​定​規​か​ら​作​成​し​て​い​ま​す​の​で​、​縦​横​比​無​視​の​拡​大​縮​小​O​K​で​、​ひ​げ​を​つ​け​る​こ​と​が​出​来​ま​す​。

Content ID:1349392

Published date : 9 years ago

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