Thank you for using the CLIP STUDIO ASSETS Service and plugins (hereinafter "ASSETS Service") from CELSYS, Inc. (hereinafter "CELSYS"). Usage of the ASSETS Service is subject to the CLIP STUDIO ASSETS Terms of Service (hereinafter "ASSETS TOS")
By using the ASSETS Service, users acknowledge that they agree to the Terms of Service. (
Use of the ASSETS Service
  • Please refer to the Posting and Behavioral Guidelines ( before posting materials.
  • When using the ASSETS service in regions other than Japan, some of the services (including but not limited to plug-ins) cannot be used.
  • The ASSETS service is for users to share materials with each other. Transactions are made between individual users, not with Celsys.
  • Materials and plugins (hereinafter "ASSETS Materials") purchased with ASSETS Service can be used by the purchaser for their own creative activities within the scope stipulated by the ASSETS TOS.
  • By posting materials and material information (thumbnails, explanations, sample images and profile text) to the ASSETS service, users agree in advance that CELSYS may use the materials within the necessary scope. This may include posting on the ASSETS service, social media, or websites for the purposes of promotion, creating documents, or posting on a service operated by a third party. The materials may be processed or edited for the purpose of use.
  • ASSETS materials only within the scope permitted by the ASSETS TOS. Intellectual property rights including copyrights are not transferred from the posting user.
  • ASSETS Service materials include free materials, which are acquired free-of-charge; GOLD materials, which are purchasable only with GOLD points; and Clippy materials, which can only be acquired by using accumulated Clippy points. Please follow the instructions provided by CELSYS to acquire materials.
  • Once the user has purchased or acquired a GOLD or Clippy material, they cannot request a cancellation, change, return or refund. However, CELSYS reserves the right to take action should it determine that there is a fault, defect, discrepancy, etc., in the material or material information.
  • Purchased or acquired materials will be displayed in the Purchase/Acquisition History inside the ASSETS Service after the transaction is complete. The request for the material shall be considered to be accepted from the time the material is displayed in the Purchase/Acquisition History.
  • Material and material information may be revised, changed or added to by the posting user. However, the conditions applied are those displayed in the material information of the material at the time it was displayed in the Purchase/Acquisition History.
  • Materials displayed in the Purchase/Acquisition History may be re-downloaded an unlimited number of times. However, CELSYS does not guarantee the period for which they will be available for re-download. Materials cannot be re-downloaded if the posting user stops providing the material, deletes their account, etc.
  • For details on using direct messages, follow the CLIP STUDIO PROFILE Terms of Service (
  • Posting users should review the permitted scope of use stipulated in the ASSETS TOS before posting. Posting users may not add their own allowed scope of use in the material information. Should such information be included, CELSYS may edit or delete material information at its own discretion.
  • Posters shall always use up-to-date virus checking software to check that the materials they post do not contain computer viruses or other malware, and shall guarantee that their materials do not contain malware.
  • Clippy tokens paid by the poster of a Clippy material shall be credited to the Clippy material.
  • When posting, purchasing, or downloading materials on the ASSETS Service, an agreement is made between all parties involved. Underage parties must receive permission from a person with parental authority or a guardian or other legal representative.
Permitted Use of Materials
소재 이용 가능 범위
ASSETS Materials may be imported into specified software, and their use is restricted to the user's own works. The poster has permission for non-exclusive use within the scope stipulated in the items below.
ASSETS 소재는 지정된 소프트웨어로 가져와 해당 소재를 입수한 사용자 자신의 작품 제작에 사용할 수 있습니다. 게시자는 다음 각 호에 정해진 범위에서 그 비독점적인 사용을 허가하는 것으로 합니다.
  • (1) Redistributing is prohibited.
    However, an assistant carrying out operations in place of the user who acquired the material may use the material under the management of the user.
  • (2) The usage period is unlimited
  • (3) The number of times the material can be used is unlimited
  • (4) The material may be used for commercial purposes
  • (5) The material may be duplicated
  • (1) 재사용 허가 금지 단, 소재를 입수한 사용자의 관리하에 그 사용자를 대신하여 작업을 수행하는 보조자에게만 사용하게 할 수 있습니다.
  • (2) 사용 기간 제한 없음
  • (3) 사용 횟수 제한 없음
  • (4) 상업적 이용 가능
  • (5) 복제 가능
Although the material is uploaded to Assets, it does not mean the poster is permitting the use of images, text or any other content contained in the material information. All forms of unauthorized reproduction and secondary use are forbidden.
소재 정보에 포함되는 화상, 텍스트 등 일체의 정보에 대해 게시자는 그 사용을 허가하는 것은 아닙니다. 무단 전재, 이차적 이용은 일체 금지합니다.
Special Provisions Concerning Licensed Materials
Any material information or specific usage methods, stipulations about commercial usage permission, scope of use, cautions, restrictions, etc., will take precedence over the ASSETS TOS for materials licensed to CLIP STUDIO ASSETS Service. The user shall abide by these specifications.
Prohibited Actions
  • ASSETS Materials must not be distributed, transferred, or lent, etc. in a state where they may be directly extracted from the work.
  • ASSETS Materials must not be used in a product or service design where the material is the main element, or it is used or registered as a trademark, logo, symbol or mascot.
  • The contracted rights, obligations and services outlined in the ASSETS TOS may not be transferred, passed on, or provided as collateral, etc., in whole or in part, to any third party.
  • The poster of a material may not impede users from using the acquired material in accordance with the ASSETS TOS.
Guarantees and Disclaimers
  • CELSYS provides the service as a location to post, download, purchase and acquire materials. As such, CELSYS does not enter into agreements in transactions, does not act as a representative of any user in any form, and does not accept the authority to do so.
  • CELSYS will deem what action is appropriate in the event that a discrepancy, fault or defect is found in a material posted to the CELSYS ASSETS Service.
  • CELSYS shall promptly check the contents of posted materials, including performing an up-to-date virus check. However, CELSYS does not offer a guarantee that materials will not contain computer viruses or other malware. CELSYS also offers no guarantees that posters' materials do not violate third party intellectual property rights or other rights, or any other guarantees of the material contents, and accepts no responsibility therein.
  • If CELSYS receives a report concerning issues with a material, it will take action as prescribed in the Posting and Behavior Guidelines.
  • If CELSYS takes an action it deems necessary for operation of the ASSETS Service, it is not obligated to provide a reason.
Original Version: 2011/8/1
Last modified: 2024/4/10