【image material】 B4 tone 35/HJ (【画像素材】B4トーン35/HJ) 【画像素材】B4トーン35/HJ

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It is a B4 size (8598×6071px) Greske image material with a resolution of 600, so you can toning it at any concentration and number of lines. You can use it toning after scaling it. Tones that can be used in shoujo manga. 解像度600のB4サイズ(8598×6071px)のグレスケ画像素材だから好きな濃度、線数でトーン化できる。拡大縮小後トーン化して使ってもOK.そのままグレスケでもカラーでも。少女漫画などで使えるトーン。

It is a B4 size (8598×6071px) Greske image material with a resolution of 600, so just stick it anywhere you like.

Unlike brushes, the image material has the same pattern no matter who uses it, so it is easy to imagine the finished system and I think it is easy to handle when asking other people such as Mr./Ms.assistants to help with the manuscript.

You can use it toning after scaling. Tones that can be used in shoujo manga.

〈Because it is a Greske material, you can toning it with your favorite number and concentration! 〉

〈The atmosphere changes depending on the density of the tone and the number of lines〉

* Mr./Ms. because the pull image will inevitably be reduced.
The image of the toning will not be the same as the actual one.

By adjusting the opacity of the layer
It is also possible to make the tone lighter.

* When printing binary (commercial comics, etc.), be sure to toning before use.

〈Enlarged image〉

〈How to use materials〉

* If the color does not come out well, try the mode on the screen.

B4 Tone Great Value Set

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Content ID:2096787

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