[Limited time 20CP] Whipped Cream Deco Brush Set Retro Pop Ver. (【期間限定20CP】ホイップクリームデコブラシセット レトロポップVer.) 【期間限定20CP】ホイップクリームデコブラシセット レトロポップVer.

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It is a brush set that can draw whipped cream deco ホイップクリームデコが描けちゃうブラシセットです

It is a set of 8 types of brushes that you can easily draw whipped cream deco!
I did it!
Even in a hard case deco style!

⭐︎ Resolution 350ppi
* Color change is not supported.

[Brush recording contents]
■Color spray
■Whipped cream
■Gaming whipped cream




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2024.6.10 Release 2024.6.10 公開

Content ID:2091126

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