[free limited time] Kabyle pattern #5

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Here are 3 scalable images of a Kabyle fabric pattern I created for my illustration.

You can use it on scarves, skirts, belts, or any clothing or accessories you like.

The A and B ones have slightly different colors. I used the colors from A for my illustration, as shown below.

The C one is grayscale. You can choose the main color by applying a clipping layer above this image with the color mode, and for the transparent part, you need to have a base color under this image. I've set it up this way to give you more freedom with it ;)

Whatever the type you chose, you can also mesh it or transform it later so it better fit your item 

here is my illustration :

kabyle pattern images

Content ID:2079748

Published : 1 month ago

Last updated : 1 month ago

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