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my webtoon layers!

hi! this is pretty self explanatory ... this is how i sort my layers! 

to clarify the "MAIN" folder ...

the "BOXES" layer is for panel boxes, made using the shape tool. the "WHITE" folder is for the background of your webcomic. this way, all of your lineart, colors, backgrounds etc are all contained within the panel box! as for the "LINEART" folder, it's as i said above! 

as for the rest of the folders, it's (again) pretty self explanatory! ^^ you can change the "C" and "R" folders to characters names. those are just the letters of my 2 main characters names. : ) feel free to add more folders, delete things and switch it around! this is just easier for me, and i wanted to share my layers! i hope this can benefit you!

Content ID:2069105

Published : 1 month ago

Last updated : 1 month ago

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