Devil's horn (6 species) (悪魔の角(6種)) 悪魔の角(6種)

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

Devil's Horn 3D. 悪魔の角の3Dです。

When using it with the CLIP STUDIO head model, it is recommended to align the star so that it touches the middle of the forehead, but the corners themselves can be moved individually, so you can freely adjust the angle and scale.

There are six horn shapes from layout preset.

You can choose 10 colors from material preset.

When converting LT, check Smooth to make it smoother.





Material マテリアル

  • white
  • Black
  • Pink ピンク
  • purple
  • Cream クリーム
  • Green
  • red
  • Light purple 薄紫
  • black-red 黒赤
  • Black-violet 黒紫

disposition 配置

  • Guide display ガイド表示
  • Corner 1 角1
  • Corner 2 角2
  • Corner 3 角3
  • Angular 4 角4
  • Corner 5 角5
  • Angular 6 角6

Content ID:2031629

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