Dramatic filter Set (ドラマチックフィルターセット) ドラマチックフィルターセット

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It is a set of image material that can put the effect of an emo dramatic feeling such as a ball blur and a light leak only by piling up on the illustration.

Because the origin is a material made for oneself, the size is large, and there is the case that it takes time to download the material because there are a lot of numbers.

Number of ■ Materials: 38
Image size: A4/300 dpi
※ Please note that it is not a seamless pattern ※

When using, please change the mode of the image material layer with your favorite such as a screen and a comparison (Ming), soft light.
(Sample of use of ↓ is processed by overlapping all [comparison])



■ 収録素材数:38


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Content ID:2007295

Published : 5 months ago

Last updated : 4 months ago

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■趣味でつくった素材を公開しています。DL、いいね、ギフトやメッセージ等いつもありがとうございます☺️💙 (素材の動作確認はPC版クリスタEXで行っています) ■※公開中の素材は、予告なく削除/値段変更/GOLD販売への移行等させていただくことがございます。 何卒ご了承下さい※ ■現在、素材制作のリクエストは受け付けておりません。